Saturday, May 10, 2008

One More England Shot

Everyone knows what this is, I think. I learned the Big Ben name is for the bell, not the name of the clock - which is just Westminster Clock. Dorothy Sayers' Lord Peter character in Nine Tailors explores England's history of bells and bell-making and incorporates it into a murder mystery. A fun book. Bells always have names of men, I think - and they're so huge, they have to be poured into their molds very nearby. This view is from the London Eye - a giant ferris wheel-type attraction where you ride in a capsule above London. Today is our travel day, we're back to Boise tonight.


  1. Nice shot it is too. What did you do on the flight home?

  2. Hi Abraham - I wish I could say I had slept on the flight(s)home, but that didn't happen! Even my six-year old daughter didn't get much rest. We had 14 hours of flying over 24 hours - and we're still recovering! I did 8 crossword puzzles, and watched the in-flight screens available for each seat on the international leg. Chicago to Boise - I felt something crawling on my leg and a pinch, I brushed it off - I have no idea what it was, but I have two very red, sore spots there today. Weird - but something to talk about!


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