Friday, May 9, 2008

Castle Tours

The sign said something about the infirm and those with heart conditions should avoid the 500-plus steps up to the top of Guy Tower, I figured that didn't apply to me, but I was sure out of breath and shaky at the top. The sign didn't say anything about the fact that those 500 steps were winding up an extremely small passageway in complete darkness, and each step was the size of a stingy piece of cheesecake. The reward was this view from the top - the tower is one of two main ones at Warwick Castle in England. A great visit on our tour. Just a couple more days and we're home to Boise!


  1. très belle architecture, j'aime beaucoup.
    beautiful architecture, I like very much.

  2. Hi Corey - thanks for stopping by, I'm putting my focus back on Boise as of this week, and very much glad to be home!

  3. Hi Olivier - it was quite a view. I love your New Yorker spoof for your photo/name - it's my favorite magazine. The architecture of England makes my Boise home feel quite flat today - but we are very glad to be home where the streets are wide, our car is bigger, and the prices more reasonable.


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