Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Caretaker Wanted for Boise Memorial

This memorial stone is in Capitol Park in front of the statehouse in downtown Boise - to honor the Idahoans who lost their lives during Operation Desert Storm, 1990. Obviously, the stone has been neglected. It could use a cleaning and there's just a dead plant in the permanent vase. I took this picture over Memorial Day weekend, and was surprised nothing new had been put in the vase. Part of the reason could be that getting to the memorial isn't easy because of the massive construction going on at the Capitol across the street.


  1. This site is almost typical everywhere but you found this on a special day -- Memorial Day. And that makes it different.

    We noticed few graves were decorated in the two cemeteries near us. Part of that reason is that once the family members die there are no more people alive to decorate relative's graves and the stones and the people under them are forgotten.

  2. Hi Abraham - thanks for stopping by. I'll be following up on the status of this memorial the next time I'm downtown.


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