Thursday, May 8, 2008

Boise Daily Photo Traveling

Boise Daily Photo is still traveling through the weekend, so I'm sharing some pictures from the road until I reach Boise Saturday. Last weekend, we were here....Times Square. I took this photo to remind me of a very "blonde moment" - see the LG sign? It was just a few months ago that I learned that was the name of a company. I had a cell phone for a couple of years with "LG" printed on it, and I thought it just meant I had a LARGE cell phone. And this picture also reminds me that while I like the bright shining lights and horns honking and seeing movies being filmed on the streets all as part of a visit, I'm glad I live in Boise - where our nights are not quite so well-lit. I would just like to add more off-Broadway shows to our entertainment options. Mary Poppins was fabulous in NY - and we need a closer Carnegie Deli.


  1. I will admit I had a look at this photo and puzzled to myself: “I honestly didn’t think Boise was THIS big a city, it looks like New York or something”.

    I was right!

  2. Hi Kris - you were right! Boise got a couple of those LCD-type big reader boards just a few years ago. When the first one went up at a car wash, there was a big controversy that such flashing lights and bright pictures would cause accidents, and they forced the business to post only public service announcements for charities. Now, we have similar signs all over town, but not all in one place like NYC - and the city council has stopped trying to control the content.


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