Monday, May 12, 2008

Floored at the Boise Airport

This is the floor design when looking from the second floor (arrivals) to the first floor (ticketing and check-in) at the Boise Airport. It's kind of hard to see exactly what it is at first, but there is an outline of Idaho and then parts of adjacent states. It also looks like it's wearing army camouflage, but the khaki colors illustrate the topography - along with a muted mountain bluebird, the state bird. The little circles in between the compass points are syringas, the state flower. Boise Daily Photo is back in Boise. Tomorrow, I'll share a new shot of the snow line in the mountains. I thought the snow might all have melted while I was away almost three weeks, but it's still there - and it's chilly today.


  1. Hi Kelly - thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you like the floor, I do, too - but it received heavy criticism when it was unveiled because the colors are so subtle and the depiction isn't obvious, it takes some studying - which I think is a good thing! How is your town today?

  2. Some floors are best appreciated from way above—and this is definitely one of them. Love the info!

  3. Hi Hilda - thanks for checking this out. That's true what you say about floors, we only look at them at floor-level most of the time, and some of them need a different perspective.


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