Monday, May 19, 2008

Farming Leftovers in the Middle of a Park

This is the silo that stands in DeMeyer Park - one of Boise's many neighborhood parks. The neighborhood sits on top of what used to be a farm, and this silo is a remnant. Someone told me the DeMeyer family sold the land to be developed on the condition that there would be a public park in the middle and that the silo would stay. I have not verified the truth of either statement, but it sounds reasonable. My husband says he bets the silo will be removed in the next few years for safety reasons. It looks pretty solid to me, it's concrete. I think the silo houses equipment related to the park's irrigation system and the fountain in the park pond. It's hard to see, but there's an antenna at the top of the silo. And kids are drawn to it as a meeting place, and a place to camp out and play.


  1. It is sad to think of all the farms that used to be around. At least this one is remembered. MB

  2. Hi MB - you're right about the farms disappearing. There are acres and acres just west of Boise that used to be crops, and are now clusters of homes. I thought it was interesting that the farming family that sold their land to be subdivided insisted on some memory of what it used to be. Thanks for stopping by!


Thanks for stopping by!