Monday, July 21, 2014

Farewell to the Barn

 I stopped by to check on the status of the barn on Meridian Road at McMillan. It's being dismantled. Below is a photo of it from a couple of years ago.


  1. Is it being set back up somewhere else?

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    2. I hope so. I heard that rumor, of that the wood was being reclaimed for another project. I'll post an update when I know :)

    3. This was my family barn. My great-grandfather, his father and my father farmed the land, built the house and barn, and dairy. It was over 100 years old. I tried to save no avail. Progress...I don't believe so, I see it as a slap in the face to the history of Meridian. The barn was built to last and did so without any refurbishing albeit paint every few years. My father loved that place, I am glad that he is no longer here to see it go, it would have killed him. I made the trip back to see the barn before it was gone. Emotionally devastating to say the least..I spent many a day in there feeding newborn calves, and stray cats trying to get the leftover spilled milk. I would climb up to the second story and it was the top of the world to me. Yes, it is going to be re-purposed, so in a way, it will live on. Thank you for caring and posting the pictures of our barn, it held so many memories....

    4. Thank you for sharing some of your personal history with the barn. I was sad to see it go, too, and had my eye on it for years - with a terrible feeling it was going to be swallowed up by development.


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