Thursday, April 25, 2013

They Told Me To Stay Away from the Tracks

Because over the past five years I've occasionally posted photos of railroad tracks, I received a letter from Union Pacific recently telling me it's unsafe to take photos of railroad tracks. I interpret that kind of note as a dare, possibly because of a genetic defect. So, I stopped at the tracks in Southeast Boise last night and found another daredevil in the distance.


  1. That is a funny letter. I doubt very much that it is unsafe to take such photos. Standing on the track as a train approaches might be a bit unsafe, but you and I both already knew that.

  2. Really? I should send a letter to them about the amount of noise they make when the go behind our building. There have been times if the door is open I can not hear the phone convesation I am on.

    You have to love legal departments.

  3. That's very interesting. We've done our engagement, wedding, maternity and just recently our family photos on the tracks at the Depot! It's a tradition I plan to keep doing. =)


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