Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wild First Day of Spring

Rain, wind, hail, and a tornado sighting - capped off with a low rainbow. Happy spring!


  1. That sounds a little like our Autumn Debbie, 35C and humid...what's that all about :)

  2. Hopefully this rainbow is a sign of warm weather to come!

  3. Sounds like you have had roller coaster weather.

    I liked the Master Charge sign. I actually still have a file folder for my credit card receipts that says "Master Charge." Guess that says something about my record keeping ....especially since I now have a VISA card!

    I will tell you a secret. I give various file folders different names. I keep my tests in files with names like "Lucy v Zehmer Case" or things of that nature. Not that anyone would ever want to look through my file folders but there was a time when people would try to steal tests and that is when I started that odd habit.

    As they say, odd habits are hard to break!

  4. PerthDailyPhoto - before the storm hit, our humidity was 7 percent. Can you say extra-dry? The day after this rainbow - windchills at 25 degrees. Russell, I remember seeing my parents cut a Master Charge card to pieces when I was about 4. My first credit lesson.


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