Saturday, September 22, 2012

Party in the Plaza

Free music at the Boise Center on the Grove every Wednesday during the summer, and a little bit into autumn. It's called "Alive After Five."


  1. Here's a very good initiative for the moral health of the town. I'm pretty sure that this pink acoustic guitar on the photo is a Gibson model, like the electric one : then the band probably plays country-pop-rock that we love in Europe. But beware, in october there are excellent upcoming concerts in Boise : Alanis Morisette, Jimmy Buffet and my little darling Brandi Carlile...

  2. I've already said and I repeat that this is an excellent initiative. More and more cities are doing the same thing in Europe every summer. I hope that the festival "Alive After Five" will be renewed next year when my family and I visit Boise!...


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