Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Is That a Submarine? In Idaho? With a 666 on it?

Stepping beyond the Boise Valley for today's post. We came across this submarine sail while road-tripping last weekend. It's in Arco, in a small park called the Idaho Science Center. We spent an hour there talking with a retired INL scientist about the work he did related to the first nuclear-powered submarine, and how they improved the technology over time. He requested the sail be sent to Idaho when the boat was decommissioned. He said it was called the Devil Boat, and one night not long after it arrived, someone did a paint job to change the 666 to GOD.


  1. The submarine emerged from hell? :)

  2. The Sail belonged to the USS Hawkbill. Find more info @ [ ] and an awesome video of her coming up through the Polar Ice @ [ ]


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