Sunday, September 25, 2011

Too Soon?

Yesterday, Boise set a new record high temperature for the day: 101 degrees. Hard to believe that snow season isn't too far away.


  1. May I ask a question which has nothing at all to do with this particular photo?

    Can you see the mountains from locations throughout Boise? Meridian? Kuna?

    I'm sure that seems like it must be obvious, but I'm from the east coast and we may be relocating to Boise this fall and I was just wondering...

    *Love* this blog! We will know this week whether Idaho is an option and will have to turn around and make a decision without ever visiting Boise - or Idaho - and having lived in the mid-Atlantic all of our collective conscious lives...your photos have helped to completely woo and captivate me!

  2. Kari - thank you for your kind words. Yes, you can see the mountains in town and surrounding towns. Viewscapes can be blocked by houses and trees in some areas, though.


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