Friday, February 11, 2011

Cheesey Pollution

I heard many folks comment on our beautiful blue skies yesterday. In an effort to capture that blue while out on errands, I inadvertently discovered the blue backdrop really highlighted the plumes coming from the Lactalis cheese factory. I didn't know cheese production looked like that. I love cheese. Bummer.


  1. I don't see that as pollution; i see it as industry and production. I've worked in many plants throughout my career & steam doesn't equate to pollution. Generally, steam is from scrubbers which are pollution control devices. I'm not familiar with the design of this plant, but it wouldn't surprise me if the steam is indeed from pollution control devices.

    It's interesting how different people perceive different things. To me, when I look at that picture, I see something wonderful -> American productivity & how far we've come in the past 40 years from the black smokestacks.

  2. Thanks Scott - appreciate your different view.

  3. It is not necessarily even steam, coud simply be condensate.

    I am with Scott (and 20+ years of foodplant experience) this is productivity, not polution.

  4. And it's French owned by the Besnier family...


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