Sunday, January 30, 2011

Smashburger Party

"Backstage" at Smashburger on Franklin Road near Boise Towne Square Mall. This is me receiving a lesson in "how to cook the burger." Those who know me, know I am NOT a burger expert :) But I like how this restaurant starts with non-pre-formed patties. I brushed the grill with a little butter, placed the meat on the grill and then used a press to "smash" the hamburger into the grill. Hold the smashed position for 10 seconds to get a good sear on the meat. Season with a salt and pepper mixture.
Ever been to a Johnny Rockets? This is exactly how they do it there, too. The meat is in a refrigerated drawer under the grill.
The "Sin City" burger with everything on it, including a fried egg. And that's an egg bun, which is extra soft. I almost ate the whole thing. It was good, and while I rarely eat burgers, I'm looking forward to another one of these.
One of the servers bringing around samples of other goodies. The grilled Swiss cheese, sauteed mushrooms and spinach sandwich was tasty. (Disclaimer: the food was free that night...and one of the best freebies I've had in a long time. It was also fun, and I LOVED being in the kitchen)


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