Thursday, March 11, 2010

South Junior High: Mommy, is that a Jail?

This stand-alone in front of the school I think is a remnant of the original building. It was an art deco-style building that some folks thought should have been refurbished, but instead was demolished. The bars that looked jail-like to my daughter might have been windows, but my memory of the building is confused by the new structure.


  1. My grade school and high school didn't have bars like these, but your daughter's reaction is exactly how I felt about it. :P

    I like the icons and the subdued colors.

  2. I went to South and when I was in Boise, just as they were doing the demo, I got a shot of the somewhat iconic Library window that they recreated in the new building. If you want to see what it looked like before, I posted about it:
    If only my husband were home - he could convert that line to html code!

  3. I imagine some students feel like they are in prison!


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