Monday, November 23, 2009

You Can't See It, and You Can't Buy It

Big display in the local Barnes and Noble over the weekend for their new e-reader, "Nook," which looks just like a Kindle to my non-tech eyes. The catch was that it wasn't available to see or even buy. The clerk said maybe they would have a shipment today (Monday). She also told me I wasn't allowed to take this picture :)


  1. Heh!! Good for you! You took the picture even though you were not supposed to!! If they only knew the number of pictures people take with cell phones...!! But good for you!

    I was in the Iowa Judicial Building one day -- that's where our Iowa Supreme Court is located. One of the guards made a BIG point out of telling me NOT to take any pictures in the Supreme Court chambers (even though it is a public building and a public space!).

    Thus, I made sure when I got to the fourth floor to take a LOT of pictures inside the Supreme Court chambers!! Heh!

    Take care.

  2. E-book technology must be going to be the big thing this Christmas.

  3. well its a good thing you didnt take the picture.

  4. Good job Debbie.

    I'd have photographed it too just to be ornery.

    These things don't really appeal to me but I'm staring at a screen right now and I have an iPod. Maybe one day I'll have a Nook too.

  5. She also told me I wasn't allowed to take this picture

    Then I'm glad you didn't.

  6. What I most like here is your last sentence! Well done, Debbie! LOL!

  7. You're such a rebel!
    The Nook looks like a Kindle to me too. I'd rather have the real thing, with pages to turn and spines to bend.


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