Thursday, November 12, 2009

Window Art: Think Snow

Winter-themed window art at the Mac Store, downtown Boise. "Bogus" in this panel refers to our local winter recreation resort, Bogus Basin, which is 16 miles up the mountain. The forecast calls for a chance of snow tonight.


  1. I got a chill just reading about snow. Nice window.

  2. I am not ready for snow yet. Are you?

  3. I am always hopeful for snow - we really never get much in the DC Metor area - too southerly. I am happy to see this picture, but wish you had linked the artist! Her work is all over Boise and I really love it. In fact, the principal at the school where I taught in Boise would always have her do our entrance windows for back to school, fall, winter, spring, and summer. Something about her whimsical creations is so delightful. Plus, I LOVE her creative name: JulieArt by Julie Rumsey


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