Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cole School Demolition

Protesters couldn't stop the demolition crews at the historic Cole School. It's all coming down, and this is what it looked like Friday night. I took photos of the school last summer when I heard it was going to be torn down. See the "before" scene here.


  1. I taught there for 4 years, my very first 4 years as a teacher. My classroom, Room 17 was the first class on the second floor and to the left. It was an amazing classroom with high ceilings and huge windows. It is no more at this point. The worst thing? They won't even let people have the bricks or a small token from the demo. Those wonderful old bricks are just going to the landfill. I would have paid to have a brick from the school. That makes it feel a little vindictive. I have other coverage of the demo at my blog, Pike Schemes, if anyone is interested.

  2. So sad to lose such a landmark!

  3. I was a student from 4th to 6th grade back in the late 70's. This is beyond sad to see happen. My heart just hurts....

  4. This is the second time I am aware that Cole School was scheduled for sale. The title search in (1980's) showed the land was donated to the school district to be uses exclusively for a school by the Cole Family in the late 1800’s. If the land was not used for the school, the land was to revert back to the Cole family. At that time Cole heirs were located in the North or South Carolina area.
    So what has changed?


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