Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wind Storms

Wind storms have been blowing through Boise. Lots of trees have been tipped. How lucky for these folks that the tree damaged the fence and not their home.


  1. Hope everything is okay at your place! I see last night Boise State won -- again! Looks like a BCS bowl invitation is pretty much a sure thing now! Just a matter of which one.

    Iowa is hoping to go to the Rose Bowl - but Wisconsin is this week and that will be a hard game to win. Of course there is Ohio State and Michigan State and ....! Heh!!

    I really liked the picture of the coffee house. Boise looks like a wonderful place.

    Take care.

  2. It's scary when the wind has that kind of attitude. Hope no one was hurt.

  3. I knew there would be damage with that wind. It was scary. I've enjoyed seeing your photo's on facebook so I thought I'd follow your blog. Thanks for bringing such beauty to me on a daily basis.


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