Thursday, October 29, 2009

Parking Garage Color Coding

I like the color-coding for the levels of the Capitol Terrace Parking Garage, downtown Boise. No need to remember numbers, just remember what color the stairwell/elevator is for your floor.


  1. Yes, it is an idea.

  2. Smart. Very smart! Someone was thinking when they used colors for different floors! Sometimes the best ideas are the simple ones.

    Enjoyed your last week's worth of photos - all of them. Yesterday's family made me laugh. The photo of the downtown / freeway construction reminded me of Des Moines!

    Always enjoy stopping by.

    Keep those Boise State Broncos going!! Out here in Iowa we all know that USC, even with one loss, will jump over our team and be in the national championship if Texas loses. Oh well.... it all comes down to money and the number of TV sets - heh!

    Iowa and Bosie State share the same problem - being from a state with a small population. How many teams like Oklahoma does Boise State have to beat?!! Sigh...

    Out here in Iowa we can relate very closely with your Broncos. What did Rodney Dangerfield always say? Something about how he never got any respect?!! Florida v. USC? Oh well...

    We are all holding our breath out here. Ohio State is in 3 weeks out in Columbus. And Minnesota, Northwestern and Indiana all have nothing to lose. So it will be interesting....

    Take care.

  3. That's a wonderful idea! Perfect for visual people.

  4. They do the color-coding for dummies like me who always forget where they parked. Good idea, I need all the help I can get.

  5. Looks pretty and I also think it's easier than remember a boring old number!


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