Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Orange Barrel Highway Decor

Orange is the color along Interstate 84 in Boise with several miles of heavy work. If you look closely, you can see just part of an overpass in this picture, the other sections were taken down over the weekend and the "new" overpass is just behind it. I rarely drive on the interstate. I had no idea there was this much construction going on.


  1. Hope it didn't cause you any problems, snarl too much traffic, or raise anyone's blood pressure.

  2. Is that the Orchard St. overpass? Where would the new overpass go? I've been displaced from Boise for a few years now. I miss it quite regularly - counting down until we can move back.

  3. Hi Jared - they just replaced the overpass - more lanes. I think they're replacing a few more, soon, too.


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