Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Rod Stewart" at Alive After Five?

I popped down to Alive After Five last night in The Grove, downtown Boise. It's a summer series of live music, drinks, food, chatting with friends, sales booths and..."Rod Stewart?" That big red ball is the Powerball to promote the lottery.


  1. Oh, my, is that really Rod Stewart? We're getting old.

  2. That's Rod - "My Brother is Kevin Spacey" - of Rod's Limo's. A Free Spirit to be sure!

  3. He really does look like Rod Stewart!
    I thought the red mascot was an M. :D

  4. He could probably pass for Rod. Mr Powerball could pass for Koolaid. Maybe I need to head to OK to get me a powerball ticket.

  5. Sure he not the REAL thing??! Looks pretty real to me!

    Johanna in Vancouver is a BIG Rod Stewart fan and has seen him in a few concerts. I never got into him much but actually like him more now than I did back in the 60s and 70s. He is definitely an institution or an icon!

    Interesting to see the Powerball in Boise! You can thank (or curse!) Iowa for that...!! Heh!!!

    Take care.


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