Monday, September 7, 2009

New Prized Possession

It's a chicken purse! My step-mother bought this for me and I love it. I'm featuring it here because I'm confident that I'm the only (slightly crazy) Boisean with this particular handbag. But let me know if you have one, too! Update: I am NOT the only Boisean with this chicken accessory. I've learned that it is a handbag of notoriety among some circles of women!


  1. Most interesting! Yes, I am sure you are the only person in town with that particular purse! Heh!

    I certainly enjoyed scrolling through your various posts. Always very interesting. I found the river baptism quite fascinating and wondered if the water were cold!

    Take care.

    PS -- your town certainly had a lot of publicity this week with that Boise State / Oregon game!! Goodness...!!

  2. What a fabulous purse, B.D. I think you are one lucky chickie to have such a step-mother.

  3. Too funny! I saw one like this in Salt Lake, but my husband threatened divorce if I got it :) I had to think about it.... Ha ha!!

  4. funny. so clever and quite the conversation piece. Thanks for your comments on my site. I posted a mare and colt on my site today to start a series on my website from my photography tour. It was quite an interesting trip to the slot canyon and Vermillion Cliffs. Also, if you like travel photos, we have posted action photos from Buenos Aires, Argentina on our travel photo site, Happy Monday!

  5. Sorry but that purse scares me, I'm afraid it will come to life and peck my eyes out.


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