Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Idaho Potato Harvest Underway

It's harvest time for Idaho potatoes. Machinery digs up the ground to unearth the spuds and they load them into trucks with giant conveyor belts. This field is also busy with gleaners all day, carrying big plastic buckets to pick up potatoes left behind.


  1. Love this shot with the mountain looming behind the mountain of spuds.

  2. I never would have thought there would be gleaners there. Certainly makes sense.

  3. Wow! Now that is a LOT of potatoes!! I am digging up my few potatoes now. I have about 400 lbs total. There is nothing that tastes better than a fresh potato!

    I also enjoyed your last several days worth of images and posts. I laughed at the post about 12 weeks left to shop! That reminded me of when I used to buy Hallmark Christmas ornaments and I would get them in .... August!! If I did not, the ones I wanted would be gone!

    The pumpkins were great, too! Take care.

  4. Are those the famed Russet potatoes?

  5. Vogon- The famed Russet potato is a Russet Burbank. The picture could be either a Russet Burbank or a Russet Norkotah. The later is looks the same in appearance, but cooks much differently.


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