Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Downtown Core

A peek along Idaho Street from a parking garage in downtown Boise. The red building is the old Mode Building, for Boiseans who remember those days. I remember shopping the women's department in the basement of the store, and enjoying homemade pot pies in the restaurant on the second floor. Now, it's home to several stores, including North Face, restaurants and office space.


  1. What a nostalgic little trip you take us on with this photo and comments. Now I will be thinking about homemade pot pies until I clear some time to make one.

  2. Tis a beautiful building, that old Mode! Love the color. Wasn't it fun to shop in basements? Ah, the good ol' days. Now, every mall is just about the same ... and eventually boring...

  3. I loved shopping at The Mode, which definitely dates me as a certain age of native Boisean. Nice to see the old building getting a pick up! Anyone remember shopping at The Crescent? I loved that place, too. Oh dear, I Boise-dated myself again! -S


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