Thursday, September 17, 2009

Do I Give You the Creeps?

These catfish are in the tanks at Cabela's in Boise. Cabela's is a giant hunting, fishing, camping, home decor retail store with lots to see even if you aren't in the market for any of those items. Besides fish tanks, there are stuffed animal displays featuring critters from different regions of the world. When we were there recently, we saw a polar bear, musk ox, impala, ground squirrels, wolves and lots of deer and antelope.


  1. Catfish are weird looking. My daughter caught one when she was little and she said when she landed it it chased her and she was never going to fish again. We all laughed. LOL
    Cabelas is sure quite the place. MB

  2. As a tropical fish hobbyist I allways appreciate tank shots. These catfish look huge!


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