Sunday, August 16, 2009

Harvest Time

Harvest is underway for many crops in our valley. We've had some incredibly sweet local corn recently. And the smell of onions is in the air. It's also common to see ears of corn and onions along the roadside because they fall off the trucks piled high with the harvest. When I was younger, we would pull over and pick up the onions.


  1. I would imagine people still pick up those spilled onions.

  2. That sweet corn looks great! In Iowa our field corn will be ready to pick in October or early November. We let it dry down as much as possible before picking it. But the sweet corn is ready now and tastes wonderful.

    Of course I am most interested in the Idaho potato crop. I don't know when the potatoes are harvested but I am guessing it will not be too long.

    Take care.

    Oh - that train you pictured might actually go by my place! I live about one mile away from the Union Pacific double tracks that go from San Francisco to New York City -- goes along Interstate 80 to a large extent. Over 75 trains go by every day as it is a major line.


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