Monday, August 24, 2009

Golden Oldie: Rudy's Lunch Box

My husband was digging through some old photos and found this gem. Do you remember this place? Rudy's Lunch Box used to be located on Chinden Boulevard. Look at the deal on a latte: 99 cents!


  1. Its not there anymore? It looks so neat.

  2. Great! Heh! I always enjoy people who come up with such creative and fun ideas -- and this place sure looks like the old fashioned metal lunch box complete with a handle on top!

    I really liked the sundial in your earlier post. I am in the process of making a new perennial garden and for a center piece I want a sun dial. So I really liked that photo! And the inscription is so, so true!

    Take care.

  3. What a fun building. Too bad it's no longer there. When I was little we went to Pennsylvania, to an ice cream shop in the shape of a boot. I loved the ice cream so much more because of the whimsy of the building it came from.

  4. Very neat! And a cool building, too. The new trend is away from creative and toward economical boxes.

  5. I remember eating there just one time when I was a kid. We never ate there again because the food was SOOOO greasy. We started calling it Rudy's Grease Box every time we drove by. Funny thing is I completely forgot about that place until just today. My memory of that building just popped into my head suddenly and randomly 2 decades later. I'm so glad you posted a photo because I was starting to think maybe the building didn't look as clever as I remembered it.

    So does anybody know what happened to it? Why the owner closed the business? Why the building isn't there anymore?

    1. My memory of why it disappeared a fuzzy, but it seems that the lot was going to be developed and that's why it closed.


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