Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Two Animal Causes

A different post today - and it's all about critters and magic. First, these sweet kitties are currently being fostered by volunteers with nonprofit Conrad Strays and finding them forever homes is a challenge. The black kitty above, and its sibling, "Shadow and Sheba," are FIV-positive babies. They love to play and are very lovable, get along with kids, and have temperaments to be fabulous family pets. The trick is that they must go to homes that currently do not have cats, or homes that have a cat with FIV - and they must be kept indoors because of their FIV status. FIV is contagious only between cats. Dogs and people are not affected and cats with the virus normally live healthy lives.
And this is another Conrad Strays FIV foster kitty. Her name is Cassie cowgirl. She's a small kitty and described as "too cute" to euthanize. Cats with FIV are often euthanized because it's so difficult to find homes for them. If you can help - contact ConradStrays@aol.com.

And now some "magic" and a little blog space for dogs.
Treasure Valley Search Dogs is holding a fundraiser everyone will love, a Jay Owenhouse magic show. He's Las Vegas-show fancy and tickets are only $10. The show is in Caldwell June 12th. Get tickets at CHF Home Funishings in Boise, or contact my friend Paula, who runs Treasure Valley Search Dogs, 208-850-4124.


  1. This is a great post. I volunteer at our local humane society once a week. We've got a lot of upper respiratory stuff going on right now but as far as I know we haven't ever dealt with FIV (of course, as a volunteer, I might not know...working exclusively in the adoption room I might never come in contact with FIV cats). Thank you for raising awareness about special needs animals...and healthy animals...in need of homes

  2. We love our cats and wish we could help!


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