Monday, May 25, 2009

Subtle Colors

It's not as green as the trees, but the Boise Front is in its spring green colors - a subtle green in the mid-line view of the mountains.


  1. Lovely. Looks like a green velvet cape.

  2. Wonderful photo!

  3. Ah Madame la Diva, this is a lovely, lovely photo!

  4. The phrase "purple mountain majesty" comes to mind when I see this image.

    You certainly live in big country! It looks so powerful and rugged. I imagine taking a Jeep and driving up into the foothills or into the mountains!

    What I like as much as anything are the mountain streams -- all the clear, cold water coming off the mountains.

    One of my favorite movies is A River Runs Through It. The scenes of the people fly fishing are incredible.

    Take care.

  5. Beautiful. Another amazing view!


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