Monday, May 18, 2009

Neighborhood Bar

The sign on top of a neighborhood bar in West Boise. I don't know who that superhero is - beer man, I suppose. This is a place where you can play horseshoes out back.


  1. The sign is bit confusing, but your guess seems appropriate.

  2. It looks like new potatoes are coming out of the beer tap.

  3. Funny sign. Beerman? Or maybe Superbeerman?

  4. Guess I'm the only one who remembers "Bud Man" from - what was it - the late 70s, early 80s???

    There's a few "gems" like this tucked away. Most Grandfathered in when the city annexed the land way-back-when. Like when you find Cows, Horses and Llamas and such in residential neighborhoods.

    The "Little Dutch Garden" on South Owyhee and "McCleary's" on State Street are two others that comes to mind.

  5. I wouldn't think drinking and horseshoes would go together very well. I think I would wear a helmet, LOL.


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