Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lone Flag

Looking at the Foothills West. Notice that the mountains in the background have a little touch of green. It will quickly become brown for most of the spring/summer season.


  1. Ok, I understand that not everything is lush as your backyard... Nice touch the flag with this background

  2. It's been a few days since I had a chance to stop by -- what a nice grouping of photos!

    I noticed you mentioned you had a red winged black bird in your yard. They are rare in town. I live in the country and out here on the prairie the red winged black bird is extremely common.

    They live in the ditches and in open areas and are extremely territorial. If you are walking down the road they will fly towards you and let you know to stay away from their nests!

    My favorite bird, by far, is the meadowlark. They will sit on a wire or a fence post and sing their distinctive song.

    I really liked the photo of the stone house.

    Take care.

  3. Great view and I like the flag as the centerpiece of the photo.

  4. Of course I want to know what that lone structure is.

    Lovely rolling hills, even if they're not green :)

  5. Nice scene! I like the rolling hills/mountains back there!

  6. Well, the flag makes it. Do you know what the flag is for?


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