Friday, May 8, 2009

Frosty Nights Continue

Those who garden early in the spring season have to keep an eye on the forecast. Light frost again this morning in many areas. Old quilts and blankets can work to protect tender garden plants overnight. I spied this blanketed garden during my travels this morning. Other people use buckets and cut-out plastic milk jugs to keep plants frost-free.


  1. The blanket has such a worn, loved look. How can it help but protect tender plants? It looks as if it will serve its owners until it is entirely in shreds.

  2. What a difference from here. We're getting crazy hot weather which we don't usually get until the end of June or July...92 today, 95 tomorrow! And now it's only going down to about 65 at night...

    I'm already pining for the cooler weather we had a month ago!

    It's always somethin', ain't it?

  3. Boy, am I glad we don't need to worry about frost!

  4. We've put our blankies and sheets away for the summer down here.
    We used them all the way through April this year, which was unusual. When we've covered flowering shrubs with sheets it looks like we have little ghosts in the neighborhood. :)


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