Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Patriots' Day Celebration - Helicopter Lands at School

A Blackhawk helicopter landed in the playground at my daughter's school yesterday. They let the kids crawl all around inside, too, and they loved it. This was a tie-in for Patriots' Day. The funny part was that local TV stations sent camera crews, who were standing just on the edge of the playground when the chopper was landing. They picked up their cameras and ran because of the extreme wind turbulence and debris flying through the air.


  1. Great shot, this is a wonderful helicopter! Any image of camera crews in distress?

  2. Super photo. I recall chatting to aircrew from RAF on similar mission. They always have to check they do not have stowaway before they leave.

  3. Wow! I know the kids were excited. What a great experience for them. That's some hard hitting news crew you have there! ha!

  4. Whoa! That must have been pretty exciting! Those Blackhawks are BIG!

    A couple of years ago I was watching the kids walk into the high school prom. For some reason it is a big deal to come to the prom in some sort of unusual vehicle, horse drawn carriage, tractor, etc.

    One couple came in a .... helicopter! Heh! It was a little bubble front helicopter (the kind Magnum P.I. used to ride around in on his TV show!) and it landed on a soccer field. I had never been that close to a helicopter before and was surprised at how much wind it moved around.

    That Blackhawk must have really kicked up a bunch of dirt and wind! Wow!

    I enjoyed the photo of the yellow headed blackbird. I have seen one or two of them and at first thought it was an oriole.

    Take care.

  5. How neat, I would like to climb around in one.

  6. Love the idea! The kids will never forget that, that's for sure! What a neat way to demonstrate patriotism to young people. Something they'll enjoy and remember.

  7. Ha, nice comment Vogon Poet!

    A fine photo of the helicopter it is.

  8. I believe your daughter had a great time at school today! :-)


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