Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Highway View Gravel Pit

Stormy skies above this gravel pit along the main highway that mostly skirts Boise (I-84). When these pits are dug closer to a waterway, they're usually filled with water when the mining is done and become "ponds." We're in for rainy weather for a few days.


  1. I remember trouncing around in gravel pits when I was a kid. I used to really enjoy it. I would try to get to the top of a gravel mound and be king of the hill. Thanks for your comments about the Frank Lloyd Wright Series. I was hoping it would be of interest to people. I have a few more days and then I will move on to different Chihuly, cactus and desert photos. I was in Morocco for the past two weeks so I wanted to make sure there was a series of something that would be informative and different for people to enjoy while I was away. Morocco was very interesting and, surprisingly, very French. A very different experience than Egypt or Jordan. It was a quite enjoyable trip. I will spend the next week catching up on everyone's websites and enjoying their photos. Thanks for your comments on my site. I have read them all.

  2. We have some of those around here but farther back off the roads. They end up becoming giant ponds and later fish are in them. I don't know who puts the fish in but they get there.

  3. I can see the rain moving in...great shot. I supposed, too, that those "ponds" become mosquito breeding places...Nice shot!

  4. I was happy to know that someone somewhere was making ponds...
    Then I read Jacob's post and thought that he is probably right!
    Nice shot anyway, mosquitos or not.

  5. What steely skies!

    We need mining but it's too bad how it changes the land. :(

    We're in for heavy rain, too!


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