Thursday, April 2, 2009

Delsa's is Being Revived

Construction trailers are parked outside and the new sign is up. Delsa's on Ustick is being revived. It suddenly closed last year. It's a Boise icon. I received an email tip a while back telling me that the owners of the Capri restaurant downtown are the new Delsa's owners. See the picture I took almost exactly a year ago when I found out Delsa's had suddenly closed. Of course, the construction along Ustick could have been partially responsible for cutting the customer count at the time.


  1. Icons and construction seem to be going on everywhere. That second image with the long shaows is terrific.

  2. Now Delsa's looks like the sort of place our family would LOVE! I'm glad to hear it might be reopening. It's difficult when construction causes the downfall of long-standing businesses. You'll have to post another photo of your family at Delsa's once it opens again!

  3. It feels like a loss in the family when a favorite restaurant vanishes suddenly. This sounds like a sad story with perhaps a happy ending.

  4. We all scream for ice cream, especially when our favorite ice cream shop closes up!

    Glad that it may come back. Have a cone for me.

  5. I am sure your community is very happy to see that sign!

  6. Today was the first day it was open. I went at about 11am. The place was rather busy and more were coming in the whole.

    There was literally a line out the door. Channel 2 was there.

    I had the french dip. Was as good as always.


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