Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Canal Kitty

I stopped by one of the irrigation canals that runs through Boise to take a picture. The canals are filling up for the irrigation season, and this small kitty was vying for my attention. Being a long-time crazy cat lady, I thought the young cat looked like a sweetie. Under its front paws is a dead black mouse the cat had just caught. There are quite a few stray kitties that make their living on the mice, and likely other small wildlife, along the canal banks.


  1. A cat that does the cat with mice: this is really to follow the course of nature.

  2. Earn his keep indeed! Nothing like good mouser. I, Brattcat, happened to capture one of my own last night.

  3. Under that sweet little innocent face is a deadly predator. Reminds me that if my kitty ever left her napping house, she would be a mouser too. Great post!

  4. I love cats too, great photo.


  5. Nice looking cat! Do you see the distinctive "M" on its forehead??!

    EVERY tabby cat - no exceptions! - has that "M" on its forehead. Back in the 60s my grandmother told me "The Legend of the Madonna" which is supposed to explain why EVERY (!) tabby cat has that connected and very distinctive "M" on its forehead.

    Perhaps you know the legend! If not, I will be happy to tell you sometime!

    Take care.

  6. He looks so innocent sitting there tho - but he's gotta eat like the rest of us! I'm a cat person too!

  7. I guess the mouse is his Catch of the Day!


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