Sunday, March 15, 2009

Police Action in the Parking Lot

Two Boise Police officers were watching a man in his truck in the grocery store parking lot.


  1. Watched something similar from the Neurolux patio a couple of months ago. 3 BPD behind a dumpster with binoculars watching a couple of Goths walking along Idaho St.

    Did you know...

    That while it may be difficult to get a warrant for things like wiretaps and GPS Tracking, police regularly do these things without warrants?

    They will then use the information gleaned to make an "anonymous tip" to get a warrant, or hope for a sympathetic judge who will deem it gathered "with good intent".

    Warrantless searches to find dirt - sometimes for a warrant - long pre-exist electronics.

  2. I don't suppose he's there to insure that carts are returned where indicated.

  3. Ooohhh you've given me an idea!

  4. What happened? Did they arrest the guy?


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