Sunday, March 29, 2009

Music in the Park

One of the musical "instruments" available for anyone to experiment with in Settler's Park - which is in our neighboring town, Meridian.


  1. They are so pensive. The balance here is 'pitch' perfect. I don't know if those children made beautiful music together. I hope they did. But you certainly made a beautiful photo out of their experience.

  2. I love these interactive displays! Especially good for kids, both big and small ;)

  3. That's amazing. Can't imagine it wouldn't be vandalized sitting out in the open like that.

    Great idea, though!

  4. I love this one! What a brilliant idea - public music! Looks like your weather is about the same as ours. A day of warm, a couple of cold. Having the children in the photo just brings it to life.


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