Friday, March 20, 2009

Can't Phone Home

At least, you can't phone home the old-fashioned way so easily. Pay phones have disappeared as cell phones have become so common. How may cell phones do you have in your family?


  1. I have seen a few phone booths that still work, but they are "few and far between."

    It's rather a shame, I think, and yet not many people use them anymore.

    We have one phone and use it mostly to talk to the kids and for emergencies.

    I'd throw it away, but...

  2. We have 4 cell phones in our family. I never thought I'd buy my kids cell phones, but my 14-year-old and 11-year-old are freely roaming around our little town so often that it's nice to have a way to talk to each other.

  3. I didn't get a mobile phone until 2006, just before Henry was born. I cant stand them and rarely make calls, but the are useful for text messaging the wife (especially as on our plane texts are free).

  4. One for each of us. We read a story last week that had a public phone in the illustration. We had to EXPLAIN what it was to the kids (kindergarten) "Back in the olden days before we had cell phones"
    Some of them had seen one in movies or cartoons. :)

  5. The disappearance of public phones forces the last hold-outs in cell phone resistance to finally cave in. We inherited our daughter's phone when she left the country. We average about twenty minutes on it per year.

  6. Beware!

    Looks like it was taken in front of the "Sunliner Motel" on Chinden - home to over a dozen Sexual Offenders / Predators.


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