Monday, March 30, 2009

Air Quality

In Boise, we have to pay to have our cars tested every year to make sure they don't emit too much air pollution. But as you can see, industrial trucks on the road don't have to meet those standards. Every time the cement truck in front of the yellow car shifted gears, the cloud of black smoke obscured the view of our beautiful mountains.


  1. Makes me want to cough just seeing it.

  2. We have the same idiotic money grab here. It's called Air Care and commercial vehicles are exempted. That diesel exhaust is more harmful than gasoline exhaust.

    Once was all cars had to have an annual safety inspection at a gov't facility, at least in the big cities. They tested to make sure the headlights were aimed properly and they jacked up the front to make sure the steering components were all sound and they had a thing to make sure all four brakes were working properly and then they scraped the old decal from your windshield and put in a new one. I forget the cost but it wasn't much.

  3. I can just imagine how irritated you were (even more so the driver of the yellow car) to be following behind this cement truck. I'm so glad you took a photo to document it. Now, how can we use that photo to effect change?


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