Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Landscape Design by Teens

I have to say, they did a good job getting the toilet paper up quite high. Which is too bad for the owners, because it's really hard to "de-toilet paper" a tree. If you don't take it down, though, the rain makes it stick even more to the tree and it becomes impossible to remove.


  1. That brings back memories....well, not that I DID that, but high school.

  2. And yet you make it look so attractive.

  3. O how I hate this kind of thing - windblown plastic bags are bad enough but there is no excuse for this kind of stuff.

  4. Oh goodness!

    I wish they'd turn their energies into something much more constructive and helpful.

  5. These are the times I wish I was out of my teenage years.
    Although, how do you know for certain it was teenagers? My grandma has a couple of friends and they do some pretty wild stuff...
    Just saying :)

  6. Oh my! Bad teens!!!

  7. Hi SamanthaMarie! I actually talked to the owners of the house while they were looking at how to remove the toilet paper. They have teens whose friends bragged about doing it. And they said their kids were happy. It's an honor to get papered they said!

  8. I wonder how they managed to put the toilet paper so high up on the tree... I don't think throwing it would make it look like this.

  9. Maybe someone actually climbed the tree. They did a great job if their goal was causing problems.

  10. Funny stuff!

    Did it as a kid in High School back East.

    That, and picking up Volkswagen Beetles and moving them across the street, up the block, and one on a front porch.

    Ah... The Late 70s / Early 80s.

    Nowadays - Streaking would probably land you on the Sex Offender Registry!

    Just be thankful "Egging" and "Mischief / Devil's Night" haven't apparently caught on 'round these parts.



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