Monday, January 12, 2009

Inversion on Tap

The middle of this photo is blurry because of pollution. We're getting into an inversion, and it can get bad unless the weather changes. We need rain or a strong breeze to move it along. The pollution from throughout the valley drifts to Boise and gets caught up against the mountain range. I took this photo looking down at the Western Idaho Fairgrounds from the First Bench.


  1. Although it may look great on the photo, pollution is a main issue!... Hope a gentle breeze will take it away soon!

  2. I really had no idea there would be a problem w/ pollution w/ the mountains & all! Hmmm! Well, it's a beautiful shot anyway.

  3. When we visit my family in Arizona, sometimes there's an inversion and the smog comes up from Phoenix and sticks to the MacDowell Mountains. And you can see a brown haze over Phoenix, to the south of Scottsdale. It's very depressing to see such BAD pollution!

    Your photo is nice, however, as are your countryside surroundings!


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