Saturday, November 22, 2008

Irrigation Season is Over - Craw Fish Time

One of the canals that criss-crosses the valley. This puddle is probably rain leftovers because the canal water faucet was shut off in late September. This was the time of year in my hometown (north of Boise) where we would scour these puddles for craw fish and collect them in buckets. Yep, they were for eatin'.


  1. We call this crawdads here but the tail is good fishing bait. I don't think people eat them though. Maybe we got something to learn.

    I think this is my first trip to your blog in a while. I am in Brookville, Ohio and it is cold this morning – 13 degree Fahrenheit = -10.5555556 degree Celsius. If I were just walking past you on the street I would probably smile and nod my head. I hope you would too. LOL

  2. I didn't know people did that in Idaho! I always thought of it as a southern thing.

  3. When I was teenager, my inlaws had a crawdad cook every fall. Tons of people would pile into trucks, run down tp the levees just off the Sacramento river and come home with hundreds of those babies. They had all the fixins to go with it, cornbread, greens, corn, gumbo, etc.

    Have fun and enjoy!!!


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