Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hookah Bar

We were driving in the Overland Road area and saw several hookah bars, including this one. I didn't know we had such things in Boise.


  1. I wouldn't care to try it, I think, but I do like how some of those hookahs look!

    You'd think a dragon wouldn't need a hookah anymore. ;D

  2. I never heard of the things until I saw one on Big Brother.

  3. Several of them? We've got lots of shops that sell all sorts of drug paraphernalia and I guess we must have hookah bars but I don't know where they are. It's virtually illegal to smoke indoors anywhere in Vancouver which I think has put a crimp in these joints( (a little drug humour).

  4. Oh my...in the south if you say that word the way it looks, we'd be talking about a whole different kind of business...and it would be illegal!


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