Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dedicated on a Cold Day

In my travels on Election Day, I saw many Obama sign-holders on street corners, not one McCain sign-holder - although, my husband says he saw some McCain volunteers near the mall. I like this woman's dedication. She was there all day, I saw her early and late, and it was a cold, windy and rainy day. And while most volunteers held professional signs, she took the time to make her own. Idaho, by the way, always votes Republican. The state has been on auto-pilot that way for years.


  1. All I can say is, I'm happy with the result, as are 75% of the Australian population! Haha!

    Great photo.

    A fresh start, a new beginning.

  2. Great post Boise! Aren't we glad this election is over--and the best person for the job actually won!

  3. The world's eyes were watching and you delivered. Today we are so porud of America.

  4. Although I am probably best described as a Clinton fan (both of 'em, can you believe it?!) I thought that it was a shame that McCain waited until his concession to really show his true self. I hope that Obama can live up to what are some pretty hefty expectations.

    Given the nature of the US political system, with the clear separation of power, I fear that a lot of people will be let down. Fingers crossed.

  5. I just checked the election map and saw that it's still Republican. But I'm sure happy with the result!!! That woman deserves a medal.

    And Obama will need a lot of help and support.


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