Monday, November 17, 2008

Canada Geese All Facing the Same Direction

Geese all facing the same direction - except one that was looking at the photographer. These geese are in Ann Morrison Park. Jim at Terrell Daily Photo once commented on this blog that he had heard cows always face the same direction. I don't know if the same rumor is usually true for geese. Oh, and these are Canada geese. We blame Wayne at Vancouver Daily Photo when the birds get annoying .


  1. I know they leave a little mess, but I do love to see and hear them. Wayne could probably get a tractor after them.

  2. We have geese here too, just now, but they are coming from Siberia. We hear them cackling in the sky before seeing them!
    This photo is beautiful! Don't you want to post them in a larger format?(it's just an idea, not a criticism!)

  3. Hi Alice - thanks for stopping by. I post in a fairly large format, one that you can see when you double-click the picture. But hopefully, not too large to slow download times. Across the U.S., our internet connections are notoriously slow!

  4. It was a big game of follow the leader. :)

  5. Oh great. I'm getting cross-eyed looking for that one goose! And I still can't find it!

    I'm laughing at Lisa's comment! And your commentary!

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  6. Do they make a lot of noise?

    And do they smell?

    And do they poo everywhere?

    And can you eat them?

    And are all of these questions annoying?


  7. Kris: Yes, yes, yes, and probably. Many places in America - perhaps North America? - are trying to get rid of these birds. They come in large groups and crowd out indigenous birds that exist in smaller quantities. It's not that we don't like them, but they're a little overwhelming for the variety we like so much in nature.

    Boise Diva: I love this photo. It captures the fall season so well, and it reminds me of all of my childhood trips to this park - in every season, the geese are there!


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