Thursday, November 13, 2008

Boise Drivers

My husband took this picture of interesting driving skills. It's probably not a good idea to stop at stoplights headed that direction, or try to change lanes at that moment?


  1. Looks like they could fit in here in the Dallas area. I hate Dallas drivers.

  2. We have drivers like that, too!

  3. When I worked for NCR in Dayton, Ohio in the 1960s, the employees went nuts at quitting time.

    Those who had been rational all day long suddenly became jerks when they got behind the wheel and turned into road freaks when they tried to get out of the parking lot onto the main streets under the watchful eye of, and at the direction of cops.

    I always wished I had a tank of a car, rusty as old rust, and bent out of shape like a stepped-on Campbell's tomato soup can, so I could smash into these road idiots–especially the gals who drove like they had a itch and couldn't reach it.

  4. Yikes!! I wouldn't want to be caught in that.

  5. Snow!?

    I've only driven in Boise once and I'm sure it's no different from similar cities but I remember going nuts thinking everyone drove like farmers who didn't get to town much. That was at least 20 years ago.

  6. Look at the snow you have already! I guess I didn't realize how high Boise is.


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