Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bicycles Vs. Cars

There's been quite a bit of discussion recently about bicycles in traffic. I think more people are biking to work to save money on gas, and some drivers feel strongly that they shouldn't have to share the road. I think part of the problem in all of this is the bicycle riders get to follow different traffic rules than cars. It's legal for them to start out at an intersection before the stoplight turns green. Some use the crosswalk lights to get through intersections. They get exempted from one-way zones. I don't know if those things are good or bad, but I believe it leads to the misunderstandings and resentments between some bicyclists and drivers.


  1. Drivers will need to adjust. Bicycles have a right to their share of the road. It's been that way in Europe for a century and the time has come for North America to adapt as there will be more and more people using the bicycle for daily transportation.

  2. All our cities will soon of necessity be addressing this issue if they haven't already. Personally it makes me nervous to zip past a cyclist while driving.

  3. In the summer, bicycles outnumber the cars sometimes. Our speed limit is only 15 in the entire town, so if you're in good enough shape, you might as well ride a bike!


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