Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Farmer Brown's House...and a Wagon Wheel

Well, Farmer Brown's house has seen better days. I hadn't noticed how run-down it was until over the weekend. Farmer Brown's is actually around 15 acres or so of farmland, barns, this house and assorted buildings - most of the land not really being "farmed" right now. The site has been more of an events center in recent years - with hayrides, haunted houses, rock concerts....and angry neighbors. The Brown family has described it as a "hub" of peace - yep, a wagon wheel reference and one right there in the picture. And although they've tried to get permits for parties, I don't think it has gone well. There's a "for sale" sign out front.


  1. HAHA always got to have the wagon wheel.

    I guess if you cant party, might as well put it up for sale.

  2. Oof, looks like it needs extensive work. But the stone base of those pillars — I love them! You've just given me an idea for when we finally get around to renovating the carport. Thanks!


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